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America at the Threshold of Destiny


Roughly 20 years ago I began a series of audio messages concerning America. That series became a book that we called America at the Threshold of Destiny. It was received with joy by a small cadre of prayer warriors. However, our culture was facing many fears concerning Y2K. Then 9-11 came, and frankly, I was flying into a headwind. Not many people were overly optimistic in the years after 9-11. However, today a new wind is blowing and it’s at our backs. Even though America hasn’t improved morally since the 1990s, our direction has changed. God is raising up a prayer army, and I believe our prayers are touching the heart of God.

First, a couple disclaimers: I took the first half of this book and put it into another book called The Power of One Christlike Life. So you may recognize some of the truths expressed in that book as coming from the America book. Because some may have seen these chapters before, and because they fit well as an introduction to my thoughts about America, even though the chapters are similar and dated, for now I’ve left them in. Please forgive the references to the 1990s, Bill Clinton, and others that are outdated. I therefore have lowered the selling price to just $6.50.

Finally, I want to say this book has nothing to do with money or financial prosperity. If we reprint this book (again), I think I would change the title to Make America Great Again: Become Christlike. This is really what the heart of my message is.

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