Prayer Focus

The Lord said that His house would be called a house of prayer for all nations. At the center of the Lord’s house, in the holiest place, is the mercy seat, where redemption for a sinful and suffering world is released through prayer. Your view that your culture is very corrupt may be precisely right. However, God tells us that He is looking for a man or woman who will intercede and stand in the gap for their people.

Every night my wife and I pray for our family, our friends and neighbors. We also pray for our community and America, our nation. We intercede for Israel but also for the Muslim world – especially where people are being destroyed by wars or oppressive regimes. We pray for people devastated by natural disasters, famines and poverty as well as those enslaved by human trafficking, drug addictions and gang violence.

We believe that God does not want us to worry about the future, but to create the future by prayer. Will you join us?

Pray for worldwide revival to go around the world as we declare God’s word to the nations!

United States: 

Pray for repentance and a return to Christ and biblical values. If America experiences a genuine awakening, the impact will truly change the world. Pray as well for the US news agencies that are broadcasting the news under their own agenda, rather than just reporting the facts. Please ask God for mercy for our nation, justice, truth and that corruption would be uprooted, so that righteousness will prevail. That this nation would be “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


Continued prayer for the peace of Jerusalem and peace with Israel’s neighbors. Let this current war bring quick results that will bring an end to the evil over the Middle East. (Psalms 2).

Pray for God’s mercy and justice: 

Pray for God’s mercy and justice to rule in America and around the world.

Those still affected by Covid-19: 

Pray for healing and safety as well as the peace of Christ to rule and reign in the hearts of those affected by this virus. Please ask the Lord to use the situation for His glory and bring revival around the world. Pray for supernatural protection by the blood of Jesus.

Russia /Ukraine conflict: 

Pray for God to use this situation in both countries, that only His purposes come out of this current situation in Ukraine. Pray for salvations in both countries to be multiplied by the thousands.

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