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Study in groups of 4 or more.


In Christ’s Image Training – Group Plan

Want to go through In Christ’s Image Training as a small group? This is a wonderful way to become more like Christ in a dynamic group study environment and is sure to strengthen your relationship with Jesus.

This enrollment plan is for local groups of four (4) or more with a facilitator that agree to meet a minimum of twice a month as a group to discuss the material (weekly is strongly recommended). Students agree to not enroll in the Group Plan and then study independently or meet with only the facilitator. The benefit of the Group Plan is the interaction of the group. Thus, students must meet regularly with their group to continue in the Group Plan.

Please note that the Group Plan is for local groups, who can physically meet as a group. Video or phone meetings are not permitted. Students must be able to physically attend the group meetings to qualify for the Group Plan.

One person in your group must agree to be the group facilitator, to connect with us, submit tuition for the group and help keep the group meetings on track with the material.

Before enrolling your group, you must be certain that everyone in your group is comfortable using a computer, tablet or smartphone to go through the training course.

The group facilitator should complete the form below, submit the tuition payment, and our office team will be in touch with you regarding the next steps during our regular office hours  (Tuesday through Friday).

NOTE: If this is your first time facilitating a Level I group, you will need to obtain a pastor’s reference when facilitating a Level I group. Pastors and ministry leaders facilitating the course should submit a confidential reference from another pastor outside their fellowship.

ICIT Pastoral Reference Form

If you graduated from ICIT using our email format (before 2024) and now plan to facilitate a group, please contact us for a coupon code before purchasing your group’s tuition, so we can include you in the new format and waive your tuition. Email us.

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