Ministry in your future?

Advancing Church Ministries is the next step for you after graduating from both Level I and Level II of ICIT.

Sensing the call of God on your life?

 Our ministerial licensing program is credentialed by the International Ministerial Fellowship (IMF). If you sense the call of God on your life for full or part-time ministry, whether it is to serve as a pastor, youth minister or in other forms of ministry, God may be leading you toward this next step.  

Steps toward Ministerial Licensing

In Christ’s Image Training

Successfully graduate from In Christ’s Image Training, Levels I & II

Pray and seek God

Spend time with the Lord to make sure this is the season to advance your credentialing.


The application will ask for your basic personal information and will also include a short test to assure us that the vision of ICIT is yours as well.

Important notes

  • Once you have submitted the application, we will confirm that you have passed ICIT Levels I and II and process your application. If you desire to stay connected with Pastor Frangipane’s ministry, consider joining ACMA. [Note: The fee to join ACMA is only $48.00, which is renewable annually. You are not required to join ACMA in order to be accepted by IMF. However, members of ACMA who have completed In Christ’s Image Levels I and II will be given special consideration by IMF in their evaluation for membership and credentialing. If you are not planning on joining ACMA, there are no other fees other than IMF’s.]
  • We will notify you within two weeks of your status whether it is approved or not. If approved, we will also notify IMF that you have our recommendation and you are applying for licensing.
  • IMF will review your application and contact you either by phone or email and direct you to the next steps in their application process.

Other Pertinent Information

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