Your path to becoming more like Christ.


At ICIT our goal is to see hundreds of thousands of pastors and intercessors―people from all walks of life―focus their energies on becoming Christlike. Our confidence is that every time the Father sees His Son manifest upon the earth, His heart is “well-pleased.” If we truly reveal Jesus, we too will awaken the pleasure of God, and when the Father’s pleasure is stirred, His redemptive power soon follows.


In Christ’s Image Training is an online home study course developed by Pastor Frangipane. These are proven truths that break chains and lead to power in our Christian walk.


ICIT provides focused training in four essential stages of spiritual development:

  • The vision of attaining Christ’s likeness
  • Possessing Christ’s humility
  • Developing a strong prayer life
  • Becoming one with other Christ believers

What You’ll Learn

  • Our Goal is Christ
  • God’s Power in a Holy Life
  • Hopelessness or Vision
  • The Perfection of Love
  • The Stronghold of Christ
  • The Foundation of Christlikeness
  • How to become Unoffendable
  • The Value of Prayer
  • The Priority of His Passion
  • Healing the Heart of God
  • How to Honor Others
  • The Freedom of Authority
  • Breaking the Spirit of Strife
  • and more

Common Questions

From start to finish, how long will it take for me to be commissioned?

A student can expect to spend 7 to 16 months in training, depending upon enrollment plan. However, keep in mind, for integrity’s sake, we will be working with your local pastors for recommendations. We believe, though, that your true mentor and trainer is Jesus Christ Himself, and much of your equipping will continue on long after your time with us.

If I enroll how much time do I need to reserve for ICIT lessons and audios each week?

The answer to this is very individualized. First, let us say that the Holy Spirit does a deep, life-changing work through the training material. That’s why the lessons are paced over a three to six month period, depending upon enrollment plan. If students fall behind and cram, the transformation is not nearly as profound. So, be certain to count the cost before enrolling for 3-6-months of intense training by the Holy Spirit.

The lessons and audios each week are not real long. The chapters are only 8-10 pages and the training includes 2 audio messages with each lesson, running about 30 minutes each. The printed material can take around 30 minutes to read through. However, students find themselves drawn into prayer, worship, Bible study, devotional time, journaling and more. Of course many students find themselves going back over the material several times, even after graduation.

Can couples or students in groups complete the exams together and turn in the same exam?

No, each student is expected to complete their own final exams.

Access to all lessons for one flat fee

Whether your goal is to respond to God’s call for full-time ministry or to become a radiant witness for Christ to your family, in your neighborhood, school or workplace, ICIT offers training, spiritual impartation and certification with both foundational and advanced studies.


Want to Study as a couple or as a group?
At a glance

Level I

  • 4 Tracks
  • 48 Lessons
  • 39 Audio Messages
  • Self-paced training (recommended 6 months)

Level II - Growing in Christ

  • 1 Track
  • 12 Lessons
  • 17 Audio Messages
  • Self-paced training (recommended 3 months)
Personal relationship with Jesus Christ
Basic biblical understanding
After Graduation

Advancing Church Ministries

Graduate students are invited to become part of Advancing Church Ministries Association
(ACMA). See our website for more information. For those seeking further credentialing, ICIT has partnered with International Ministerial Fellowship, to whom we can refer graduates to. Click below for more information.