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Please note: there may be several answers that are right, but you will need to choose the most appropriate answer based upon the priorities presented during your study of In Christ's Image Training. Please keep each answer less than 100 words.

1.) The goal of in Christ's Image Training is:

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2.) Name three ways we can disarm the faultfinding spirit in our lives.

3.) Some people have "religious flesh," which accepts religious information, but does not produce transformed hearts. How can we know the difference in our own hearts?

4.) Explain what role humility plays in our becoming Christlike.

5.) Being active in my church and following the 10 commandments is Jesus' highest desire for me.

True False

Why or why not?

6.) Why does Humility precede Prayer & Unity in sequence?

7.) Is true unity the result of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit or vice versa? Explain

8.) From the list below, choose two topics that ministered to your heart during the ICIT course.

Mercy Triumphs over Judgment
Having an Unoffendable Heart
Standing in the Gap
God's plan for Christians to Attain Victory
The Stronghold of God
Delighting in Hiddeness

Briefly explain.

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Having read the statement of faith and having become aware of the vision of Advancing Church Ministries Association of attaining Christlikeness,
His humility, His redemptive prayer life and His commitment to unity, I affirm the stated vision of this organization. I declare that I seek to
identify with and support these goals and objectives.

On the basis of our common agreement, I wish to become an associate of Advancing Church Ministries Association of Pastors,
Leaders and Intercessors.

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ACMA is $48.00 USD, which is renewable annually. Click to review the benefits of joining ACMA. Remember, you do not need
to join ACMA in order to be accepted by International Ministerial Fellowship, our ordaining agency. If you are not planning
on joining ACMA, there is no other fee other than IMF's.

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