Be sure to read through the Level I page before continuing.

Watch our ICIT video online and see what others are saying about In Christ's Image Training.

All questions concerning enrollment or track content, should be addressed to the ICIT Administrator, at training@inchristsimage.org. Email inquiries will be answered Tuesday-Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. USA CST. We receive a huge volume of emails and they will be answered as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to answer your email questions quickly.

• How do I contact In Christ's Image Training?
Email us at training@inchristsimage.org.

• From start to finish, how long will it take for me to be commissioned?
A student can expect to spend 7 to 16 months in training, depending upon enrollment plan. We believe, though, that your true mentor and trainer is Jesus Christ Himself, and much of your equipping will continue on long after your time with us.

• Is there any online communication with other students?
We would like to invite you to browse through our entire website. There are many resources available, including a Facebook page for ICIT students to correspond, if they choose.

• Are the materials available in Spanish or other languages?
At this time, all materials are in English, Spanish and Finnish. Please feel free to contact us if you feel led to translate.

• What is the age requirement to enroll in In Christ's Image Training?
Students must be at least 16 years of age. Those 16 and 17 must send written permission to our administrative office from either their parents or their pastor.

• I understand that I don't have to enroll in Level II immediately following graduation of Level I. What is the time limit to continue the courses?
We strongly encourage students to go on to Level II within 18 months after graduating from Level I so that you keep growing in your spiritual study. Contact us with questions.

• What are the tuition rates?
Visit our Tuition page for more information.

• If my life circumstances change can I receive a refund?
Students can receive a refund less 35% of the full tuition for either the Individual or Married Couple Plans for administrative fees, up to 45 days after enrolling in the online course. Refunds requested before classes begin are charged a 5% processing fee.

• What if I start Level I full training and then I fall behind or I choose to audit the course. Can I still graduate and go on to Level II?
We do permit students to transfer and begin Level I again. The student should not enroll again or submit full tuition again, however there is a $25.00 USD transfer fee to begin again with another group. Email us regarding your situation and we can transfer you to a new group and term, on our end.

• Can couples or students in groups complete the exams together and turn in the same exam?
No, each student is expected to complete their own final exams.

• When do Level I and Level II classes begin each year?
Level I is offered four times a year: January, April, July and September.
Level II is offered 6 weeks following the completion of each of the Level I terms: August, November, February and May.

• For the Church License tuition plan, can we bring students through the training from other areas/cities/regions?
No, the License Plan is based on the size of your local church (number of regularly attending adults) that can physically meet with the group. Non-attenders of you congregation can enroll and be part of the group, submitting the Group Plan tuition to the Training Center.

• For the Group tuition plan can we bring students through the training from other areas/cities/regions?
These are local groups in your area that would be able to physically meet weekly or bi-weekly.

• If I enroll how much time do I need to reserve for ICIT lessons and audios each week?
The answer to this is very individualized. First, let us say that the Holy Spirit does a deep, life-changing work through the training material. That's why the lessons are paced over a three to six month period, depending upon enrollment plan. If students fall behind and cram, the transformation is not nearly as profound. So, be certain to count the cost before enrolling for 3-6-months of intense training by the Holy Spirit.

The lessons and audios each week are not real long. The chapters are only 8-10 pages and the training includes 2 audio messages with each lesson, running about 30 minutes each. The printed material can take around 30 minutes to read through. However, students find themselves drawn into prayer, worship, Bible study, devotional time, journaling and more. Of course many students find themselves going back over the material several times, even after graduation.

• If a person is already a pastor or has a degree do they still have to start off on Level I?
Yes, Level I is foundational. We have most every walk of life enrolled in ICIT including many pastors, rabbis, Ph.D.s, homemakers and truck drivers, to name a few. One goal of Level I is to remove the trappings and misdirection of mere religion, and simplify the vision of attaining Christlikeness. The student will also be positioned and strengthened in Christlike, "unoffendable" intercession for their families, churches and communities.

• I live outside the United States. How much will tuition be in my country's currency?
You may calculate the currency exchange rate at www.xe.com.

How do I know that the MP3s will work for me?
Download this sample from the Christlikeness audios - right click on this link below and then Save As or Save Link As and then choose a place to save the file on your computer:   http://frangipane.org/media/icit_audio_sample.mp3

• Can students from other nations be commissioned through Advancing Church Ministries?
Yes, we have Level I graduates who have applied for ACMA from around the world.

• What is the age requirement to join the Advancing Church Ministries Association?
Graduates must be at least 21 years of age to join the Association. Those under 21 can be assessed on a case by case basis.

• Where can I learn more about what Advancing Church Ministries Association is all about?
You can visit the ACMA pages on this website - Advancing Church Ministries Association.

ALL lessons are to be emailed from the training center only.



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New Level I classes begin four times a year: January, April, July and September.
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