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Level I Three-month Accelerated Class

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Briefly describe your current MINISTRY INVOLVEMENT (limited to 254 characters or less):

For our records: If your goal and vision is to serve God as a pastor, evangelist or missionary, please inform us at the beginning of your training. Because the ICI Training Center works with your local church leaders, they should be involved with your pursuit of ministry.

Please check all that apply. I am seeking:

The unoffendable heart of Christ

To truly become a reflection of Christ in my pastoral ministry

To become a Christ-centered and empowered intercessor
To become a ”marketplace minister”, serving God in my community
To become commissioned through ICI Training Center and serve God as a leader in a church, an outreach, TV ministry, women’s ministry, etc.
Upon graduation of this training I would be interested in joining an association of churches and receiving credentials & licensing. Possible credentials & license opportunities will include the following: Certified Lay Pastor credentials, Commission to Preach credentials, Para church ministry, Special Ministry license, License and Ordination credentials, and Associate Membership.


Please state any additional MINISTRY GOALS you might have upon completion of the In Christ’s Image Training Center
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* Level I Tuition:



Special tuition for
the October 7, 2022

Level I class!














If you are enrolling under the Group or License Plans,
please list facilitator's Name:

TUITION PLAN 1: Individuals

Foundation Plan:
                           Individual Student with weekly lessons - Free (new students only)
                           (no exams, no audios, no certification or certificate of completion)
                           If you are enrolling with a group do not choose this plan.

Accountability Plan:
                           Individual Student - weekly lessons plus exams (no audios) - $65.00 Now $55.00
                           Individual Student with MP3 downloads - $200.00 Now $125.00
                           Individual Student with CDs - $250.00 Now $155.00*

TUITION PLAN 2: Group Plan
Students and facilitator agree to physically meet weekly with the group to discuss the material, to continue in the Group Plan.*
                           Local groups of 4 or more - $90.00 per student Now $58.00
                           Local groups of 8 or more -
$80.00 per student Now $49.00

If the facilitator is a Level I graduate and has CDs to duplicate:
                           Local groups of 4 or more -
$75.00 per student Now $45.00
                           Local groups with 8 or more - $65.00 per student Now $42.00

TUITION PLAN 3: Married Couple Plan *
                           Married Couple with MP3 downloads - $315.00 per married couple Now $157.00
                           Married Couple with CDs - $350.00 per married couple Now $175.00

: Missionaries and Developing Nation Plan
Please email to inquire about possible discounted tuition before enrolling.

TUITION PLAN 5: Two-Year Church/Ministry Organization License Plan
Students and facilitator agree to physically meet weekly with the group to discuss the material, to continue in the License Plan. Minimum of four students per group.

* International shipping rates of $37.00 apply when shipping CDs outside the US.



If you are a church leader and you are applying for the Two-Year Church License Plan for your congregation, please fill out the
following after previewing the Licensing Comparison Chart

Name of church/ministry organization:
Number of adult attenders:
Amount of license:
If you are in a church/ministry licensing program, enter license holder's name:

Please indicate which plan you are enrolling in:
Method of Payment:

Tuition is due by registration closing date

When choosing the two-payment plan please note: By submitting your first payment you are committing to submitting
the tuition balance by the halfway point in the class. (Includes $5.00 administrative fee).
*International students: add $37.00 for shipping, when choosing CD.

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