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As most know, on April 13th my son Justice broke his neck. Through the heart-felt intercession of a multitude of prayer warriors, and in an outpouring of God's grace, Justice is recovering quicker than anyone imagined. He has obtained full movement in his legs, arms and about 85% of normal neck motion. Plus, he has obtained a great and enduring praise report of God's goodness! However, during this past month both Justice and his wife Priscilla have had little income and big expenses. Knowing this, some of you have asked for an address where they could bless them financially. So for those who have asked, here is their addresses for Pay Pal and Go Fund Me:





May 15 - To all you prayer warriors and well-wishers, thank you so much for standing with us. Here is my son Justice's latest text.

"AWESOME Dr appointment today. It was good! Progressing really well and may be able to go without the [neck] collar in two more weeks instead of two more months! Can pick up the baby now."

Me again:
So thank you my friends! May the Lord's gracious love envelop you, that He would answer even your deepest, unspoken prayers and bring healing to you this day. Amen.


May 9 - For those of you who have been standing with us on behalf of our son Justice, with all our heart we thank you.

I also wanted to give you a progress update. Justice is gradually healing from his broken neck. He's walking, he has movement in his hands and arms, but also some numbness in his fingers. I think his physical healing is coming quicker than his emotional healing. His primary job as a self-employed gymnastics coach. Since his accident, while he is grateful for how much the Lord has touched him, still much of his world has been changed. Outwardly he appears fine and engaging, but inwardly he suffers. It is this deeper, emotional area of his soul that needs healing.

He shared something a day or two ago that might help us in our prayer for him. This isn't easy reading, but it's honest and explains in his words what his challenges are. www.facebook.com/justice.frangipane

April, 24 - Justice is home and is doing well. Doctors warned he would be on pain meds 24/7 for two to four weeks, possibly longer But Justice hasn't felt the need to use pain medication except when he's sleeping. Please continue to thank God for all the manifestations of His healing presence.

We thank God for each of you who stood in the gap during this time. We can't thank you enough. You touched God's heart and ours.
April 21 - Justice will be coming home from the hospital today. This is an important milestone. He'll be wearing a neck brace. The doctors have said the next two or three weeks of rehab will be painful, so please continue to keep him in your hearts and prayers. Thank you!
April 18 - Thank you for standing with us as we pray for our son, Justice. As most of you know, last weekend he suffered a broken neck and crushed vertebrae. A great many people have been praying for him (and us). In answer to your prayers, here are just some of the ways the Lord is healing.

Justice has movement and feeling in his extremities. He can walk and climb stairs. His healing is progressing. According to his neurosurgeon, his "perforated vertebral artery" is "actually as normal as if there wasn't any accident at all." While Justice still has a long way to go, I doubt many could tell that just last weekend Justice was in critical condition suffering from a broken neck.

So with tears of gratitude in our eyes, we thank God and you. Please continue to stand with us in prayer. And while we are believing for the "suddenlies" we are also prepared for the long haul, which typically involves lots of painful rehab. Yet, together with your prayers, and with God's grace, we will prevail. --Francis and Denise (Mt 12:20)
April 16 - We are in California with Justice. Please keep him in your prayers and pray from a position of faith and compassion. Nearly every area of his spirit, soul and body needs our Father's healing embrace.
April 14 - Update on Justice's condition. He has feeling in all extremities. He's still heavily medicated but the Lord's presence, through your prayers, is covering the hospital room. Don't stop praying! He is only at the beginning of his recovery. We will be flying to southern California tomorrow. Thank you for standing with us and praying for our son!
April 13 - Our son Justice suffered a critical accident today and he is in surgery. Please pray with us for him. He experienced a broken neck and crushed vertebra. Thank you for your faith-filled prayers.


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